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“Invest Better” Strategies

Our Real Estate Investment Strategy is divided into Five phases provided in the form of a case study:

1. Client Consultation: Understanding goals, affordability, and preferences.

In this meeting we understand the requirements and limits of the client and spend valuable time customizing and tailoring investment opportunities to suit each individual's preferences. We consider budgets, client goals, and every other factor to determine the perfect strategy for you.

2. Investment Strategy: Create strategy based on goals and budget.

During this phase, we methodically narrow down neighborhoods and asset types that meet the above criteria, focusing on key factors such as demographics, access to public transport, highways, new developments & trends. This strategy may include buy & hold; BRRR strategies; buy, improve/develop & sell.

3. Purchase: Negotiations, contracts, inspections and financing.

Once shortlisted, we proceed with negotiations for the property's acquisition,  logistics including financing & homes inspection, and ensure that our contracts are executed meticulously to ensure a smooth and timely closing.

4. Leasing: Maximizing value through improvements and finding the right tenants.

During this phase, we provide strategies to increase the value of your investment through improvements and lucrative rental strategies to maximize cash flows. We provide a full team of professionals to make minimum improvements required for maximizing rents. Our leasing specialist will find you the right tenants, using our validated screening process, performing background checks and ensuring a smooth move-in process.

5. Sale: Full scale marketing and sale strategies to sell at the highest price.

Based on our goals, when your property has reached a threshold and selling makes sense we provide a  sales strategy including a dynamic full scale marketing plan, improvements and staging to provide the maximum exposure and highest sale price for your property.

*INCLUDE MARKET RETURNS VS  MINK RETURNS (We have beaten the market by 14%)

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Why invest in Real Estate?

Full Scope/Turn Key Investment Service

Worried about renovations, marketing and renting to your first tenant?

We’re real estate investors ourselves.

     We guide you through our proven processes so that you can successfully invest in real estate.

We help you make better investing decisions.

     We share data insights and financial projections so you can maximize your returns.

We make it possible for you to invest in real estate.

     Our end-to-end real estate investing services allows you to build & grow your portfolio.

We present you with the best support network.

     You gain full access to our reliable mortgage brokers, contractors, accountants, and legal experts.

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