Mink Real Estate

Buyers Guide

1. Initial Consultation: To understand your preferences, budget and goals.
In this meeting we understand your preferences and requirements for the perfect home, this can include the number of storeys, bathrooms, bedrooms, etc. We consider budgets, goals and every factor to determine a perfect match for you.

2. Pre-Approval: Making sure you have the right financing in place.
It's Important to be qualified and pre-approved for financing before you start looking for a home, this lets you know what you can afford and makes the process efficient. We will connect you to reputable mortgage brokers from various lenders that will help you get an approval in place at the most competitive rates.  

3. Preview Suitable Homes In-Person: Finding the perfect match. 
We will narrow down the list of well-suited homes to identify the best-suited homes based on your preferences. Our licensed agents with distinct knowledge of the area will conduct in-person showings to find the right match for you.

4. Make an Offer: Legalities and contracts.
When we find the perfect match we will make an offer on the house and draw up the necessary paperwork.

5. Negotiation and Acceptance: Negotiation strategies to get you the best deal.
After signing the offer, a time will be set for the listing Sales Representative to meet with us and present the offer to the Seller. The Seller has several options:

●      Reject the offer;

●      Accept the offer exactly as presented, making no changes;

●      Make a counter-offer back to you with whatever changes the Seller wants, such as price, closing or conditions.

You then have the option of accepting the Seller’s counter-offer or making your own changes and singing the newly amended offer back to them. This is where our expert negotiation skills come into play.

6. Final Walk-through and Close: Making sure the details are met.
Here we will ensure everything is up to par and contract before moving in. The lawyers will exchange documents and funds to close the transaction.

* Ask us about the First-Time Home Buyer’s Credit, HST New Housing Rebate and the RRSP Home Buyer’s Plan


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